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Know About Delhi

Here is the Delhi Quick Facts About Delhi, the Capital Of India. 

About Delhi
Delhi, known locally as Dilli and also by the official name National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is the largest metropolis by area and the second-largest metropolis by population in India.

Delhi was initially a ruling ground of the Mughal Empire. However, in 1803 AD Delhi became a dominion of the British Kingdom and in 1911 the city was acknowledged as the capital of India.

The prime languages in Delhi that are spoken by majority of the city's population comprise of English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Symbolizing the old tradition and heritage of the city, the people of Delhi follow various social customs and celebrate festivals throughout the year. Known for their jovial nature and helping attitude, the people of Delhi are quite popular in the entire country.

Delhi Geography
Delhi is the capital of India. The state is spread over an area of 1483 square kilometer.

The latitudinal and longitudinal location of Delhi are 23.38 degree north and 77.13 degree east. The state stands at the northern part of India. Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are the other states, which share their borders with Delhi in the west and east respectively.

Weather of Delhi
Delhi Weather varies with the different climatic conditions that are faced by this city. Delhi is a city characterized by weather extremes. The geographical location of this city influences the weather conditions of Delhi. Delhi experiences tropical steppe type of climate and hence its seasons are marked with extreme temperatures.

The summer season commences in the month of April and continues till July. On the contrary, winter, which lasts from December to January, is extremely cold. The rainy season in Delhi begins in June and continues almost till October.

Best Time to Visit Delhi
February to March and September to November

Culture of Delhi
Delhi being capital city of India, people from all over the country have come and settled. Therefore, the culture of Delhi represents the culture of all the states of India in parts. In other words, it is a kind of synthesis and reflection of the culture of India, as a whole.

Owing to the migration of people from across the country, Delhi has grown to be a cosmopolitan metropolis. Today Delhi is a major cultural, political, and commercial center of India

MajoLotus Temple in Delhir Tourist Attractions in Delhi
While knowing about Delhi you will like to know tourist attractions. Major tourist attractions in Delhi include Lotus Temple, Dilli Haat, Humayun's Tomb, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Jantar Mantar, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, National Science Center, Parliament House, Purana Quila, Qutab Minar Complex, Rajghat, Rashtrapati Bhavan and Red Fort.
Quick View About Delhi
* Area-1,483kmsq
* Population-13,782,976 (2001 census)
* Density-17.075 million
* District-9
* Prime languages -Hindi, Punjabi, English
* Telephone Code- 011
* Pin Code-110 xxx
Map Of Delhi
Click here to view, Delhi Map on Google Maps

Diverse cultural elements absorbed into the daily life of the city have enriched its character. Exploring the city can be a fascinating and rewarding experience.

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  1. Delhi has some of the finest museums in the country. Its boutiques and shopping arcades offer access to a wealth of traditional and contemporary crafts, from all over the country.

    For Sightseeing, the best season to visit Delhi is between October to March. Summers in Delhi are very hot and it is not recommended to visit it during May, June or July.

    Its really so hot during summer in Delhi.

    Thank you for sharing information About Delhi it is good guide to Know About Delhi.

  2. Delhi is the best tourist place in india. For many travellers, the first experiences in Delhi set the tone for their judgement of the city. Delhi is best known for tourist place as well as historical place.