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Winter Holidays in India

Winter is the most exciting season in India. Breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, ample snowfall, snowflakes on the lakes, bonfire, winter festivals and more!

India offers broadly two kinds of winter vacation options – the destinations having warm climate during the winter season and secondly, the destinations where you want to experience snow and winter sports or somewhat snow adventure activities. As India is geographically, a diversified country having both the extreme at same time and season, so it has become prime attractions for both domestic and international tourists to rejuvenate and find vacation places of their choice. India has got something or the other for every section with numerous flavors.

Winter is, undoubtedly, the best season to tour and discover India. If oppressive heat and downpour hinders travelling in summer and monsoon, winter beckons with its agreeable clime and rain-free allure. It also holds the ticket to ride a perfect vacation - and, revitalise your mind, body, and soul.

The plains in the north and even the barren countryside of Rajasthan reel under a cold wave every year in December-January. Minimum temperatures could dip below 4° C but maximum temperatures usually do not fall lower than 12° C. In the northern high altitude areas of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, and parts of Uttar Pradesh, it snows through the winter and even summer months are only mildly warm.

The east receives rain from April to August. September to November is relatively dry and the region only has sporadic showers. There are winter rains in December and January. The central plateau has similar climate to the north but the mercury does not dip as low in winter.

Best time
October to March is undoubtedly the best time to visit most of the tourist destinations in India. From the colorful desert land of Rajasthan to the north Indian belt (encompassing Delhi, Jaipur & Agra) and from the south west coastline of Goa to the tropical south India (including Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) - every destination blooms in winters. Be it your honeymoon tour or family holiday, winters offer a lot of fascinating attractions in India.
Winter holidays in India
The winter holiday can be a great opportunity for tourists to experience the joy of the season. Dark days of winter sing the song of setting the sun early and wind blowing; this gives us the idea to spend winter holiday in open house which is an outstanding and unique fun in itself. Some people also plan their wedding in winters so why not make it a holiday based on winter theme. Winter can also be best time for family vacation or honeymoon tours. You will find many romantic getaways for winter trips in India.

Winter holiday in India offer many tourist spots. What can you do in winter in India? Skating, skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, sledding and ice climbing are a few.

The famous destination for winter holidays in India are Auli, McLeod Ganj, Haflong,Mount Abu, Shimla, Ooty, Backwaters of Kerala, Goa, Jaisalmer, Corbett National Park, New Delhi, Hawaii etc.

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  1. During wintertime, you can head towards a number of winter destinations in India.

    If you are coming to India around December, you can decide to enjoy a snowy Christmas or enjoy a gala carnival. You can also choose to explore the Thar Desert by way of a camel safari in Rajasthan.

    Another wonderful option during your winter tour in India is to escape to the Himalayan destinations to meditate and respond to the tranquility of the mountains.

  2. Is is really worthy planning Winter Holidays in India.
    Winter is the most exciting season in India. Breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, ample snowfall, snowflakes on the lakes, bonfire, winter festivals and more! It is also the season of adventure sports.
    *Kalimpong hill-station, is one of the famous Winter Holidays destination in India.
    Winter vacation in Kalimpong Hill Station, in East India offers travel attraction in Pedong Monastery, flower nurseries, Durpin Dara, religious temple, Mangal Dham and other places near Siliguri and Darjeeling.

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