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Vacation is fun, and when you are planning vacation to Australia, there is no doubt that you are going to witness the best. The history of this country ranges back to around 50,000 years. The culture of the country comes from the difference in the languages and cultures of the aboriginal or native people of the country. An eclectic mix of all these cultures makes this country as wonderful as it can be. Australia vacations promise you some of the most wonderful days of your life. This land of brave soldiers and sporting heroes will remain in your mind and heart till eternity.

Australia stands at the sixth place when it comes to the size of countries. On this flattest continent, you would find a number of places of tourists’ interest. The cities are one better than the other. None of the Australia trips would be complete without a visit to Queensland. You can visit the Gold Coast and enjoy sunbathing. What make the state perfect are the beaches and the amazing weather. This is the pure essence of an Australia holiday.

Attractions of Australia:
AustralVacation to Australia attraction-sydneyia is a beautiful and interesting place to spend a holiday in. It has great beaches, great cities, and great people. It wouldn't be a surprise if you, of all people, decide to become a tourist and plan a vacation to Australia.

Every part of the country has something special to offer to the travelers, be it exotic locations or the special events that take place in the city like the marathons, flower festivals, cricket seasons, Hobart summer festival and the balloon fiesta.

There are hundreds of famous places to visit in Australia. Sunshine coast has stunning panoramic views that overlook Noosa and Mooloolaba. Nearby is Rainbow Beach, which is a coastal town that is full of life, miles of colored sands and a completely relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for your memorable Australia vacation. Whitsunday is a paragon of any diver paradise. It lies in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, with 74 islands that stand out like shimmering oases for divers.

Another state that you ought to visit during an Australia holiday is New South Wales. This is the country oldest state and has a number of tourist places. The scenic beauty of the place makes you understand why Australia vacations are so valued and special. Await some surprises when you visit Victoria which is a comparatively smaller state than other ones. The country is packed with some of the most wonderful of the sights and one such state that takes you by complete awe is Tasmania. This state again has an incomparable natural heritage. Australia vacations are plain enough to prove this statement right.

If you love to savor some good wine, then vacation to Australia will never leave you disappointed. South Australia, where Adelaide is situated, is famed for its laid back atmosphere, great wine from the Barossa valley regions and its beautiful coastline.

If southern Australia has wine, the and the western part of the country has a rich marine life northern part has the rainforests and red plains.

Vacation to Australia deliver more than what you ever expected. And if you travel south across the border into New South Wales, don't miss Byron Bay. It's got a terrific coastline with wide, sandy beaches as far as you can see. A drive up to the Lighthouse at Cape Byron will reward you with sweeping views across the coast and the Pacific.

Best Vacation Season:
The best time for vacation to Australia is the spring season. The spring season lasts from September to November. Holiday planned in between these months will give you memories that last for a lifetime. The city of Melbourne also has some amazing events that you can be a part of. Surfing and diving will leave you stress free and the wildlife is bound to get you crazy.

Do not miss the scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road if you are in Victoria. The Northern Territory which includes breathtaking landscapes and wonders including the beautiful National Parks such as Uluru-Kata Tjuta where the famous Ayers Rock.

Useful tips:
Vacations, like all other things, require planning. Planning means you have to choose what city you'll want to stay in, and in what hotel in that city will you be booking yourself into.

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  1. Manjusha12:36 PM

    Australia is very beautiful place for vacation plan.....

    .....About climate one must keep in mind that the seasons are the opposite of what they are in the continental USA. In Australia, winter is June, July, and August. While it is great weather for skiing in Victoria and New South Wales, the beaches are cold. The best beach weather is during Australia's summer, which is December to February.....

    Thank you for sharing useful information on plan a vacation to Australia.

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